About Adrienne

I write summaries of the latest developments in the investigations into, including those conducted by the Senate, the House, the Feds, the States, and Special Counsel Mueller. These are posted on a weekly basis, typically on Mondays (unless it’s a holiday, then the recap is posted on Tuesday). There’s a mailing list for when I post the recaps. To subscribe, send me your email via the contact form at the bottom of this page. All previous recaps can be found at my old blog. I also moderate a growing community of over 77,000 users on Reddit, called /r/keep_track, where we crowdsource keeping track of developments in Trump World. My weekly recaps are also posted there, where over 4,000 people regularly view them.  Here’s my profile. Please come join us at keep_track, we always need more eyes and ears! Also check out /r/RussiaLago, which is more link-based than Keep_track.

Other projects

I created a spreadsheet of all the departures in the Trump administration, which is now over 410 individuals since Trump first took office. It can be found in Google spreadsheet form or in the prettier website version. When the list is updated, I post a notification to /r/45chaos. Note, the spreadsheet has two other lists: one for failed nominations, which is mostly complete, and one for empty positions, which is under construction. The other ongoing project I’m working on is related to the Steele dossier. It’s a big undertaking and might not be done for awhile. I am also thinking of restarting the Troll Watch feature I used to post on Keep_Track.

How can you support this effort?

Also, I now have a Patreon campaign. I feel a little strange about asking for donations, so please know that I will continue to make these reviews regardless. If you can donate a dollar a month, know that I appreciate your support and am delighted that people are enjoying these reviews. I do this to help us all keep track, myself included. If recurring donations are not your thing, maybe buy me a coffee? Email: trumprussia0@gmail.com. Because who doesn’t like coffee.

Contact me

Questions, comments, or suggestions can be directed to trumprussia0@gmail.com or via the contact form on this blog. There is a mailing list that will notify you when I post a new recap – send me your email and I’ll add you! My twitter page is a great way to interact with me.

That’s me!